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Is considered a scams or Ponzi schemes or an Illegal online business?
How Does the system work, and how do I earn money with
Is RapidAds free to join?
Can I have multiple accounts in or refer someone in the same household?
Is my personal informations protected with
What is an ad Package (AdPack) and what exactly are members purchasing to earn with a AdPack?
Can I get a refund?
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How often do you process cashouts?
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RapidAds is an online traffic exchange system with revenue share structure. RapidAds is registered in UK and on Seychelles islands.

NO. Any program that claims a ROI but has NO PRODUCT IS A SCAM!. In order for any program to be legal, it is
required to supply a service and/or product to you, the member! Here at, we sell traffic which is
our basic product. All members that purchase AdPacks will get guaranteed views of his link.

There are 2 ways to earn money with First is to Purchase AdPacks, second is to earn referral comission from bought AdPacks thanks to your recommendation.

NO. Members can not set up multiple accounts or refer themselves and only one account is allowed per IP address. We
do not see any need for having multiple accounts.

ALL personal information that you provide when creating your account or setting up your profile is privacy protected
and confidential. Your information will never be shared or
sold to anyone.

  • 120% Return
  • 20% To Repurchase Balance (2.4$) 
  • 10% To Ad Balance (1.2$ ) 
  • 70% To Main Balance (8.4$)
  • 150 Website credits

  • 3000 Banner impression credits

No Refunds Are Given Due To the Digital Nature of Our Products and services. The purchase of Advertising is
non-refundable per our Terms and Conditions. 

Return from every AdPack is automatic and instant every second.

Every cashout going instantly on your payment processor.


No. It is our intention to provide a safe advertising/consumer network for our members. As such, the following types of
advertisements/sites are expressly prohibited. High Yield Investment Programs or any other illegal investment schemes.
Illegal Pyramid Schemes ,Material Drugs and Drug Paraphernalia, Discriminatory Practices, Hate / Violence Sites
Pharmaceutical Sales, Illegal Downloads/Warez, Pornography or Sexually Themed Sites, Gambling, Scams of any sort, or
misleading/false advertising are not allowed.

Cash links are only available for active adpack holders.